Up Close With The Creators Of Pandemic

24 Nov 2011
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Singapore is the future of the world… so it’s also the closest to the end of the world…?

This is Slung Low’s impression, in an artistic way, of this modern Asian island city. And this is why they came all the way from their home base in Leeds, United Kingdom, to this hot and wet country to stage their latest creation of multidisciplinary site-specific work Pandemic in the Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

up close with the creators of pandemic

In a special session of Up Close With The Creators Of… Pandemic held at the library@esplanade, the creative and production team of Slung Low arrived in the most casual way that you could ever imagined. At first glance they look just like any tourists who enjoy the local taste of street food at Chinatown (but who said they don’t?). But what captured their attention is the ‘boat on towers’ (you sure know what this means). Artistic director of Slung Low, Alan Lane said the city is very far ahead from the rest of the world, but this also means it’s very close to the end. In my view this is a very unique perspective of examining the current fast pace of modernization and urban development in Singapore.

This is also why general manager of Singapore Arts Festival, Low Kee Hong invited Slung Low with their work to the latest edition of the festival to project an alternative view for the forward-looking society. Perhaps (or almost certainly) the society is really moving too fast that many stories are lost as illustrated by the theme of the festival – Our Lost Poems. Low Kee Hong hopes to ‘recreate myths for the future’ through the festival, and in the context of Pandemic, the end of the world caused by… vampires.

Vampires? How different are they from our familiar ‘characters’ in Asian ghost stories? Will you be spirited away in this Pandemic?

This is a site-specific work, so specific that it can and will only be performed and participated at a carefully selected site in Singapore. It will be custom-made for the modern and future-looking Singapore. Creative works are still undergoing so no further details are available as yet. Keep updated by following the website of Singapore Arts Festival, if you are keen to know how Singapore would end… on the hands of vampires…


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