[Review] The Death of Einstein and the Director in the Carpark Thoughts

[Review] The Death of Einstein and the Director in the Carpark

18 Mar 2018 When do we need that emergency stairs? When you run out of air in a stuffy underground carpark. When you run out of questions to assure your self. When you run into inexplicable loneliness. When you can't find what you are looking for.

[Review] A Pantun Response to #Huayi2018

15 Mar 2018 六根不宁 #icameatlasttothesea Huayi opens, its curtain glamorous Albeit six senses remain restless Tongue and nose battle starts showing wear Sound and intention travel to nowhere

[Review] Pantun Buat #Huayi2018

15 Mar 2018 聊斋 #whywechat? Kisah klasik biasa diperalat Sylvia tersohor jadi umpanan Pentas dan visual tiada ralat Dambaan penonton agak kempunan

[Review] The Father fills a gap that needs to be addressed

14 Mar 2018 More than just an honest take on dementia, The Father is devastating in its subjectivity and perspective, and fills a gap in our narrative about mental health that needs to be addressed...



  • 茱莉小解 Pissed Julie

    Theatre 17 - 20 May 2018 生活在十九世纪欧式大庄园里的茱莉小姐,其生命的挫折与追求,和活在二十一世纪後殖民亚洲城市的我们,有什麽联系呢?故事中,作为主人的茱莉小姐和仆人展开了权利与情欲的拉锯战...
    KC Arts Centre - Home of SRTKC Arts Centre - Home of SRT
  • Potong

    Theatre 21 - 25 Mar 2018 Adam is sent away by his mother, Siti, to undergo the rite of passage of every Singaporean Son, National Service....
    Malay Heritage Centre AuditoriumMalay Heritage Centre Auditorium
  • Oumuamua

    Music 7 Apr 2018 Oumuamua celebrates the idea that all living things exist to communicate – nature's affirmation that we are all inexplicably connected...
    Esplanade Recital Studio Esplanade Recital Studio
  • Standing Through Time: The Arts House from the 1800s

    Visual Arts 26 Mar - 31 Dec 2018 Situated along the mouth of the Singapore River and in the heart of the Civic District, The Arts House is...
    The Arts HouseThe Arts House


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