[Review] A Fiend’s Diary - A Futile Estrangement from the Implacable Machinery of the Absurd Society Thoughts

[Review] A Fiend’s Diary - A Futile Estrangement from the Implacable Machinery of the Absurd Society

16 Nov 2019 The exploration of the mind is not unlike the exploration of (outer) space. The mind, like the deep space, evokes an unfathomable vastness. Because one cannot see the boundaries, there is a sinking feeling that one might just accidentally tip...

【剧评】独角戏 · 在这个世界里你是否独自一人?

13 Nov 2019 我第一次看这部戏的时候是在排练室里。排练室的空调没有剧场里的那样强劲,所以排练一开始,这部戏的唯一演员钟达成躺在床上的时候,他是没有像正式演出那样盖上被子的。我可以清楚看到他光着上半身的身体,他的肌肉和骨骼的形状。

[Review] Lie With Me - a powerful exploration of the longing for intimacy

12 Nov 2019 The diversity of these relationships is impressive. We even get to witness the delightfully surprising connection that springs up between a self-involved upper-class woman and the prostitute she hires...

【剧评】把握不住的 Tanah Air

21 Oct 2019 今晚坐在这里的观众,又有多少人知道曾经有多少生命走过脚下这片土地?我们是否在乎过这片土地的前世今生?《土》试图呈现历史的部分面貌。时间是距离当下大概两百年前,但我们没有像“体验式”的活动那样“走入”历史,而是看着身穿白色服装的说书人走上台,冷静地对着我们以华语叙述一段类似传说的故事。



  • Sanctuary - Oil Painting Exhibition

    Visual Arts 17 - 24 Nov 2019 June Lim is an emerging artist. She grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature. She loved playing and running...
    Interlocal Centre, 100G Pasir Panjang Road #04-07 Singapore 118523Interlocal Centre, 100G Pasir Panjang Road #04-07 Singapore 118523
  • ON/OFF

    Visual Arts 25 Oct 2019 - 5 Jan 2020 ON/OFF looks at how social media constructs the presence and absence of personal expression for the individual. It investigates the...
    Esplanade Jendela (Visual Arts Space)Esplanade Jendela (Visual Arts Space)
  • SMF Festival Village

    Festival, Zabbalang 22 Nov - 1 Dec 2019 The Singapore Media Festival presents the SMF Festival Village, transforming Armenian Street into a bustling entertainment hub over two action-packed...
    Armenian Street ParkArmenian Street Park
  • Christmas at the Fort

    Music, Festival 19 - 22 Dec 2019 This festive season, see the historic Fort Canning Hill transform into a tapestry of enchanting sights and sounds. Christmas at...
    Fort Canning GreenFort Canning Green


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