Let's connect the circuit - Interview with creators of 大声D茶室 / Warung Cakap Apa Backstage

Let's connect the circuit - Interview with creators of 大声D茶室 / Warung Cakap Apa

3 Jun 2020 As the Covid-19 pandemic began raging our city earlier this year, we have been challenged to reinvent the ways we interact with each other. The challenge escalated when the “circuit breaker” measures kicked in to officially limit physical interactions in...

Fighting COVID-19: Support from + for Artists

8 Apr 2020 We're experiencing an unprecedented global crisis, probably the biggest of our time. As I sit at home, sinking into thoughts of existentialism, pondering on the state of the arts and the purpose of our work, I seek comfort in discovering...

[Review] 4.48 Psychosis - Harrowing, Haunting, Unshakeable

18 Mar 2020 In another successful theatre adaptation, the Intercultural Theatre Institute brings Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis to the Singaporean stage. Kane’s play, first performed in London, tackles the playwright’s depression and longing for suicide. Its stream-of-consciousness style digs deep into personal feelings of loneliness and,...

In the rehearsal room with Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi unknotting Citizen X

12 Mar 2020 The rehearsal starts with the thud-thud-thud of an inflatable ball as director Oliver Chong draws a string across the room and plays a friendly game of modified tennis with playwright/actor Liu Xiaoyi. (They serve with their hands instead.) Xiaoyi warms...



  • Hidden Messages by the Skye Brothers

    Visual Arts 5 Jun - 4 Sep 2020 Addicted Art Gallery is proud to present a new series of provocative work by the SKYE BROTHERS Take a deep...
  • Second Vodcast: SOURCE x Audible Lands

    Music, Festival 8 Jun 2020 Experimental band The Observatory, filmmaker Eric Lee, and music groups from the migrant-worker community were starting to collaborate on SOURCE...
  • SIFA v2.020

    Talk/Workshop, Festival 25 May - 31 Dec 2020 Accessible through the new SIFA All-Access online platform, SIFA v2.020 features a series of curated virtual events including talks, workshops,...
  • The World of OIWA by The Finger Players

    Theatre, Talk/Workshop, Festival 10 Jun 2020 Come face to face with Oiwa - the ghost, the real story and history of this legendary figure who has...
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