Kali Yuga - Interview with SAtheCollective Backstage

Kali Yuga - Interview with SAtheCollective

18 Oct 2018 SAtheCollective presents their 3rd installment of ETHNI-CITY. ETHNI-CITY  is a collaborative project between SA and artists from different ethnic backgrounds. At its core, the project aims to find new ways to assimilate one another's cultures and to celebrate the meeting of diverse...

Creative Coincidences - Behind the Scenes of Sau(dara)

11 Oct 2018 Sau(dara) is Bhumi Collective's contemporary response to Leow Puay Tin's Three Children, which was written thirty years ago. We caught Sau(dara) over the weekend and thought you would be losing out much if you have not read this article to...

5 things you need to know about Late-Night Texting 2018

20 Aug 2018 Centre 42's Late-Night Texting is back! It's been a hugely popular event for the past two years, so do expect a sizeable crowd at the little blue house on 24 and 25 August. We thought it's best to get some preparation...

[SPOTLIGHT] Series – Introducing Dominic Nah in dead was the body till i taught it how to move

8 Jul 2018 As Dominic Nah prepares for a career in teaching, he discovers a pressing need to revisit his life events to understand himself better...



  • No Strings Attached 2018

    Theatre, Festival 9 - 11 Nov 2018 No Strings Attached is a festival organised by Paper Monkey Theatre that features puppetry artists from Asia and around the...
    Goodman Arts Centre Block B #01-03Goodman Arts Centre Block B #01-03
  • 《不可预期—诗精50首》| Never Before — 50 Essential Poems

    Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop 3 Nov 2018 不可预期,是对于过往的敬意,现在的奋斗,以及未来的期待。半个世纪,五十首精选,时长两年的整理、梳理,解构又重新建构下,清晰谱出现代诗歌的...
    The Arts House, Gallery ll The Arts House, Gallery ll
  • A Little Night Music

    Music 21 Oct 2018 A Little Night Music features a selection of 12 piano duet pieces from Austrian classical composer Franz Schubert's extensive catalogue...
    Dance Atelier 2, Stephen Riady Centre, UTownDance Atelier 2, Stephen Riady Centre, UTown
  • Eternity in an Hour -  A Charity Photography Exhibition

    Visual Arts 20, 21 Oct 2018 This exhibition will feature for the first time 30 works by Dr. Arif Tyebally, whose photographic oeuvre covers a span...
    artcommune gallery, 231 Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex #03-39 Singapore 180231artcommune gallery, 231 Bain Street, Bras Basah Complex #03-39 Singapore 180231


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