Interview with Teo Wei Yong - Reimagining Singapore through sound Backstage

Interview with Teo Wei Yong - Reimagining Singapore through sound

10 Dec 2019 A Land Imagined intertwines mystery thriller, situations of migrant workers in Singapore, and the ongoing expansion of land area of the country. It presents a different narrative of Singapore that is rarely seen on screen. To construct this unique re-imagination...

[Review] A Fiend’s Diary - A Futile Estrangement from the Implacable Machinery of the Absurd Society

16 Nov 2019 The exploration of the mind is not unlike the exploration of (outer) space. The mind, like the deep space, evokes an unfathomable vastness. Because one cannot see the boundaries, there is a sinking feeling that one might just accidentally tip...

【剧评】独角戏 · 在这个世界里你是否独自一人?

13 Nov 2019 我第一次看这部戏的时候是在排练室里。排练室的空调没有剧场里的那样强劲,所以排练一开始,这部戏的唯一演员钟达成躺在床上的时候,他是没有像正式演出那样盖上被子的。我可以清楚看到他光着上半身的身体,他的肌肉和骨骼的形状。

[Review] Lie With Me - a powerful exploration of the longing for intimacy

12 Nov 2019 The diversity of these relationships is impressive. We even get to witness the delightfully surprising connection that springs up between a self-involved upper-class woman and the prostitute she hires...



  • I Feel You - A Socially Engaged Project

    Zabbalang 8 Mar 2020 When a friend, family member or a loved one confides in you, what would you do? It's only natural for...
    Gillman Barracks, Block 43, Singapore 109443Gillman Barracks, Block 43, Singapore 109443
  • #BuySingLit 2020

    Theatre, Music, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop, Festival 6 - 15 Mar 2020 The annual #BuySingLit movement is back with a bang for its fourth year running. Explore our diverse literary landscape like...
    Various venues across SingaporeVarious venues across Singapore
  • Dramatised Reading: A Stage Adaptation of “17A Keong Saik Road"

    Theatre, Literary Arts, Festival 7, 8 Mar 2020 While Charmaine Leung revisits her formative years on Keong Saik Road in the 1970s when it was a prominent red-light...
    Chinatown Heritage Centre, 48 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059207Chinatown Heritage Centre, 48 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059207
  • Truth by Jassy Husk: A Charity Gala for The Substation

    Music 16 Apr 2020 Get ready to be entertained at the TRUTH concert where Jassy Husk will showcase her musical brilliance in a charity...
    The Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian StThe Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian St


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