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[Review] Leakage(s) and Anticoagulants - A wound that can only be healed by love Thoughts

[Review] Leakage(s) and Anticoagulants - A wound that can only be healed by love

21 Sep 2017 The play begins with the appearance of several black and bald personas dragging out an unconscious protagonist (played by Tan Weiying), suggesting the domineering psychological control these ‘identities’ have over Raskolnikov. The stark contrast these cleanly-shaven, shiny heads have against...

[Curious Reads] Tales from a Tiny Room by Wayne Rée

19 Sep 2017 Curiosity level: By the time you're done, you'll be thinking, what tiny room?! Why should I recommend it? It is a collection of diverse and unexpected stories...

[Curious Reads] Rain Tree by Mahita Vas

28 Aug 2017 Curiosity level: Quietly riveting, all 418 pages of it. Young Indian girl Ani suddenly finds herself married to a brutish husband who does not love her...

Three by Three @ 126 – Interview with Ellison Tan

22 Aug 2017 Three by three makes a perfect square. In this case, three moderately seasoned artistes, each one a darling in their own rights, have come together to form a lovely collective. Joshua Lim, Myra Loke and Ellison Tan Yuyang will be...



  • Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2017

    Theatre, Music, Dance, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop, Festival, Open Call 13 - 15 Oct 2017 Come on down and join us to celebrate young talents from across Asia...
    *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link*SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link
  • Finnish Film Festival 2017

    Film, Festival 12 - 15 Oct 2017 For the very first time in Singapore, The Finnish Film Festival brings together a hand-picked selection of best oldies and soulful newbies of Finnish cinema...
    The ProjectorThe Projector
  • Breath 息

    Theatre, Visual Arts, Zabbalang 23, 24 Sep 2017 The meditative space invites visitors to slow down their pace, drink tea, interact and experience the space put together by us...
    Nine Years Theatre Studio, Aliwal Arts Centre #03-02Nine Years Theatre Studio, Aliwal Arts Centre #03-02
  • Symphony in the Park: Stage and Screen

    Music 23 Sep 2017 Look forward to some of the most familiar and iconic music from stage and screen, as part of NUS Symphony...
    Singapore Botanic Gardens, Shaw Foundation Symphony StageSingapore Botanic Gardens, Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage


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