[Review] Terror Made Us Cruel – Assembly by Drama Box Thoughts

[Review] Terror Made Us Cruel – Assembly by Drama Box

30 Jul 2022 “Paint ghosts over everything, the sadness of everything. We made ourselves cold. We made ourselves snow. We smuggled ourselves into ourselves. Haunted by each other’s knowledge. To hide somewhere is not surrender, it is trickery. All day the snow falls...

[Review] Asylum — These Ties That Bind

1 Jun 2022 Asylum very nearly presented itself as yet another dystopian, apocalyptic Netflix-ish story that involves the ubiquitous threat of zombies and a rampant disease that spreads across the population, killing everyone in sight. Indeed, a literal zombie-like figure appears towards the...

【剧评】解密美术馆:遗失的百合 | 持续前进的数位跨域连结

26 Apr 2022 继2021年六月推出的《她门的秘密》,新加坡实践剧场持续精进他们的数位展演实验,新作《解密美术馆:遗失的百合》与新加坡国家美术馆合作,强化解谜的部分,在两周演出期间,以三章节推进观演参与。

Is this real? — Interview with Liu Xiaoyi and AI

6 Feb 2022 Liu Xiaoyi continues his No More Theatre experiment with Writing with AI, exploring possibilities of involving AI in writing theatrical scripts. He gathers a team of six creatives — four playwrights and two researchers — on a journey to develop...



  • Esplanade Presents - Charlie Lime & The Great Wave

    Music 16 Sep 2022 Charlie Lim returns to the Esplanade Concert Hall once again, this time with a stellar line-up of guest artists from...
    Esplanade Concert HallEsplanade Concert Hall
  • Self portrait sketching workshop

    Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop 13, 27 Aug 2022 Learn how to sketch a portrait of yourself and appreciate all that you are. Grab a cup of coffee and...
    37 Veerasamy Road Singapore 20734037 Veerasamy Road Singapore 207340
  • Acrylic painting workshop

    Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop 13, 27 Aug 2022 Learn to paint a nature scene in acrylic and and bring a new deco piece home! Make it fun by...
    37 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 20734037 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 207340
  • Art Market & workshops at Jalan Besar

    Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop 13, 27 Aug 2022 Check out the community art market at Jalan Besar for a creative day out and get hands on with portrait...
    37 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 27034037 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 270340


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