About Arts Republic

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A little bit more about us...  

To make arts public.
A platform to propel local independent arts into mainstream community.
To promote local artists to the forefront of the Singapore arts scene.
Through which, we hope to allow for the sublimation of a collective cultural identity.


The long story about us... 

Who (are we?)
We are a bunch of arts lovers/goers/enthusiasts/practitioners who would love to have a one-stop/all-in-one website that publishes all the arts events in Singapore.
Mostly for our convenience. But if it benefits others, why not?

Why (should I post?)
You can list your event here, absolutely for free, like blogging or facebooking. Really.

Ad space is also available at very affordable rates. Why? So that anyone can afford to promote their art.

What (is this site about?)
Events will be listed by month and genres, and your post will appear in the months that the event is held.

If you want more presence on the site, you are welcomed to advertise on our website.
You can share the events on various other platforms too. Good hor?

In case you’re wondering, zabalang is for events that we can't quite put our fingers on, either they don’t belong to any of the categories or all categories. We don’t like the word others.

Where (to post?)
Simply click Submit on the top right corner of the homepage and fill in the form. The event will be published upon moderator’s approval.


When (can you see your post?)
Allow us 2 – 5 working days to process and publish your event. We are no censorship board, but we don’t want this site to be abused, you know lah…

And, you are welcomed to post your event even if it has happened already. Archive it, why not?

How (do we work?)
By providing a free website to allow artists to post their events, we’re hoping it’ll spread like viral/fire and we can (finally!) have a website where all the arts events can be consolidated.


for arts, only.




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