[Curious Reads] Tales from a Tiny Room by Wayne Rée

19 Sep 2017
Article and photo by Grace Phua / @curiousbookreviewer
Edited by Sam Kee

Curiosity level: By the time you're done, you'll be thinking, what tiny room?!

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Why should I recommend it? It is a collection of diverse and unexpected stories, filled with beautiful illustrations! I love the contradiction the title brings to the book, “tiny room”, yet in it you can explore the wide expanse of your imagination, no roofs or walls!

Delve into the not-so-tiny world of Wayne's robust imagination – this is my choice #aseanfavourites book! After reading this, I feel like I've traversed many places. My three favourite stories include:

1. A gritty flying man who doesn't give two hoots about what anyone think. Why? Because he can fly like a bird; and when you see beauty like how a bird does, you're not going to care about silly little things like fame or riches anymore...

2. A man who can stop time (Tempus) shows us the beauty of the silence when time stopped. "He was right. It really is quite noisy out here."

3. A story about being able to access the Internet of other parallel universes – Just what will you find in a world similar yet not so similar to yours? Meet the future you or see whom you marry... or regret the fact that you did.

Suitable for: Dreamers, SingLit enthusiasts, Singaporeans who feel trapped in boredom or rut!


Tales from a Tiny Room
Written by: Wayne Rée
Published by: Math Paper Press