[Curious Reads] Heaven Has Eyes by Philip Holden

12 Oct 2017
Article and photo by Grace Phua / @curiousbookreviewer
Edited by Sam Kee

Curiosity level: Eye-opening albeit eye-closing for some stories.

"Her face slowly becoming invisible, written over with layer upon layer of words." - p.55

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Philip Holden's anthology of stories is written in a style that strives to combine the Mystical & Poetical with Harsh Realities of Everyday Life. Because of this, his writing can sometimes feel accurate and amazingly surreal, or it can lose readers in a semi-conscious limbo (I'm guilty of having fallen asleep at some points).

My favourite in the collection is easily Two Among Many. This tale juxtaposes two lives – one of a drug trafficker & another of the man who condemns these traffickers. The story shows how their lives aren't very different after all...


Heaven Has Eyes
Written by: Philip Holden
Published by: Epigram Books