Late-Night Texting 2019 Survival Guide

25 Aug 2019
Article by Max Yam & Sam Kee

Centre 42’s Late-Night Texting will be back for the 4th edition end of this month! The team managed to pack more shows in two nights this time round. So we thought it’ll be good to plan ahead to navigate ourselves in one of the most popular events on Singapore’s arts calendar.


1. The programme structure is slightly different from last year’s. Not all shows are 30 minutes long. Study the schedule to know where the clashes are and which shows repeat on the second night. (Most of them repeat except for Room To Breathe.)

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2. There are a total of six performing groups this year, presenting over 25 shows. (Read more about them hereIt’s hard to be greedy and kiasu. Yes we mentioned this last year but we can’t help but emphasize this again. If you want to cover as many shows as possible in two nights, then Late-Night Texting is really a test of your planning skill. You can also choose to leisurely join the nearest queue, and wait to be surprised.

3. There are ways to skip the queue! Donate $20 and you’ll get a Fast Pass to one performance, or $50 for an All-Night Texter Pass to all performances for both nights! Get them here!

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4. If you’re looking for a different kind of vibe within the jam-packed compound, visit The World’s Loneliest Bookstore where BooksActually has created a post-apocalyptic world in the quietest corner of Centre 42. The Coffee Bandits food truck will also be back to refuel our bellies to survive the text-ual tension all night!


See you at Centre 42 on 30 and 31 August!

* All information is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change.

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