Learn something new this January!

13 Jan 2017
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11 20170113 learn something new this january

It's a brand new year! Let's learn something new! We highlight five events where you can participate in workshops organised by talented artists and professionals. Having a new skill might give you an edge in this new year!



Zodiac Watercolour Experience

Start the year with some colours and brushes, and bring home your very own masterpiece! Create a unique watercolour painting of a zodiac animal within the tranquil premises of a traditional tea house under the guidance of award-winning watercolourist Tam. 

When? 14, 21 Jan. Details here.


8 alap hd

Fingers, Chants, Music and Action: Encouraging audience participation during storytelling

In this workshop, you can learn techniques which will encourage children to participate actively during a storytelling session. Go beyond just simply telling the story to using the story to get the children involved in the story using finger-play, oral refrains, action, music and rhythm. This workshop is suitable for beginners and anyone who is interested in storytelling and it is especially useful for teachers and care-givers who work and play with children.

When? 14 Jan. Details here.


3 20170114 aliwal urban art festival 2017 hd

Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2017

The Aliwal Urban Art Festival is back with a bang! Come as you are and soak up the fantastic vibes at Aliwal Street, courtesy of the coolest Singapore talent from street artists to punks, skaters to musicians.

When? 14 Jan. Details here.


8 20170121 catch your dream zentangle dreamcatcher workshop hd

Catch Your Dream Zentangle Dreamcatcher Workshop

Allow the old year 2016 and its old ways to release from your life and let in the golden energy of the New Year 2017 to manifest new abundance, direction and love into your life.

When? 21 Jan. Details here.


9 20170121 tanjong goodman open house 2017 hd

Tanjong Goodman Open House 2017

This year's edition – Imaginary Compound – invites all to explore all the possibilities that Goodman Arts Centre can be! Enjoy a day of adventure with the artists from the Centre, ranging from various workshops to visual art demonstrations, as well as interactive sessions with these artists via Open Studio sessions.

 When? 21 Jan. Details here.