[Curious Reads] The Dictator’s Eyebrow by Cyril Wong

21 Oct 2017
Article and photo by Grace Phua / @curiousbookreviewer
Edited by Sam Kee

Curiosity level: Devoured the book in less than an hour

"One eyebrow like a dazzling, inverted tick of approval." - p.27

Have you ever wondered what it's like inside the mind of a dictator? Cyril Wong composes a very charming and satirical diary-like story narrated by an obnoxious and anonymous dictator (Well, anonymous until you've figured him out...)

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Warning: Citizens can be incurably tethered to the media and reliant on the local government (not that it's always a bad thing...) Reading this will kinda shove you onto an island filled with deep dark secrets... without any return tickets...

"Question everything questionable.”

A compelling and interesting black humour prose book, cutely modeled after the rise and fall of eyebrows.


The Dictator's Eyebrow
Written by: Cyril Wong
Published by: Ethos Books