[Curious Reads] Here Now There After edited by Yoong Shu Hoong

5 Aug 2017
Article and photo by Grace Phua / @curiousbookreviewer
Edited by Sam Kee

Curiosity level: Piqued and satisfied my interest in local SG poetry that writes about travelling (especially in the heat of the recent SMRT madness!) 

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"If I found myself staring out the window, I looked no further than the ladybugs that marched along our windowsill..." – p. 39, Well-Dressed Gentlemen

In this book (which I thoroughly enjoyed!), comic strips, poems and short stories are thrown generously into the mix – my favourite bits being the comic strips. Divided into four main segments, Here Now There After is a sequence of collected works that seeks to explain, in creative ways, the ever-moving journeys we make outward and inward. You will get lost in time-travel perspectives. (but don't expect any Time Traveler's Wife-ish elements, haha.)

I have to applaud the way the book sections are carefully and cleverly arranged. The splicing of different storytelling mediums means you won't be bored 'cos it's a "moving feast" for your eyes and mind. A good idea to have when battling monotonous rides.

Mixed with tales from around the world (The Three Little Pigs included) and localised stories in our native languages, the book is a mishmash of how far Singapore has come, what it is like now, and how much it has changed. It is befitting that the title of the book is named as such to reflect here now there after.

Suitable for:  Singaporeans, comic book readers and travellers 

Editor’s note: This book comes with an NETS Flashpay card embedded in the back cover of the book, so that you don’t have to fumble for yours while travelling with this literary gem! Also available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil, not as translated versions, but a literary collection in the same vein in the respective mother tongues. 


Here Now There After
Edited by: Yoong Shu Hoong
Published by: Marshall Cavendish (US)