[Review] A Pantun Response to #Huayi2018

15 Mar 2018
Article by
Translated by CK Tan
Photos by Jeannie Ho, Tuckys Photography, Jack Yam, Crispian Chan, Tuckys Photography
(Top to bottom) Courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

i came at last to the sea 03

六根不宁 #icameatlasttothesea
Huayi opens, its curtain glamorous
Albeit six senses remain restless
Tongue and nose battle starts showing wear
Sound and intention travel to nowhere 

Touching and seeing both done 
Extra duo given none 
Questions are the same again and again
Reaches the sea finally with some to gain

blood and rose ensemble 04

血与玫瑰乐队 #bloodandroseensemble
Fashion runway with an askew cross
Engaging models sashay like a boss
Music and songs are more than noise
Excitedly delivered with aplomb and poise

History repeats tragedies never end
A shame for sure as lessons not learnt
Laughs and giggles from start to end 
A work done in pleasure, etched not burnt

why we chat 06

聊斋 #whywechat? 
Classic tales remains as a tool
Famous Sylvia makes it cool
Stage and visual unabashedly flawless
Audiences’ longing remains fruitless

cut kafka CrispianChan 02

咔嚓,卡夫卡 #cutkafka
Actors and dancers change their roles
Words and actions uneasily weaved
Frowns and sweats apparently arose
Efforts and hard work nobly perceived 

Kafka’s stories supposedly the base
Metamorphosis forms the main case
Monkey King appears unexpectedly
A catharsis forced, strained slightly

einstein in the carpark 03

爱因与斯坦 #einsteininthecarpark
Meeting Einstein in a fancy carpark
Another encounter of the East and West
Deep questions and thoughts to mark
Your meanings to make, forget the rest


About the reviewer:
CK, a middle-aged uncle who loves theatre, movies, books, jazz and travel. Trying to write again in Malay, a language he was familiar with ages ago. 


Huayi 2018 
Date: 23 Feb - 4 Mar 2018
Venue: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
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