[Review] A Conversation about Being Physically Present in #THEATRE Thoughts

[Review] A Conversation about Being Physically Present in #THEATRE

10 Feb 2021 INDEX, a design collective comprising Lim Wei Ling (spatial designer), Lim Woan Wen (lighting designer) and Darren Ng (sound artist/music composer), presented #THEATRE at the Esplanade Theatre from 14 to 17 Jan 2021. An Esplanade commission and part of The Studios series,...

[Review] ThisConnect: Threading Worlds - What It's Like To Be Authentically You

25 Sep 2020 Every 40 seconds, we lose a person to suicide globally. What if we’re able to create an environment that allows a person to be and express who they are authentically without holding anything back? What difference would that make? ------ ThisConnect: Threading...

[Review] On hindsight - months after watching Kai’s Posing Questions

7 Sep 2020 Learning how to sketch and read bodies in Eng Kai Er's (Kai) Posing Questions is almost akin to my journey in learning to pen reviews with no prior experience in the scene, or in critical writing – like being blindfolded and...

Reconnecting with our seniors with vernacular radios during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore

3 Sep 2020 How does a nation revive a language? How does a nation retrieve its lost narratives? How does a nation socially integrate its ageing population?




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