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7 Oct 2013
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Singapore Writers Festival 2013 appeals to your multiple intelligences! You are mistaken if you stereotyped Writers Festival as a deskbound (non-) activity.

According to psychologist Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences may be explored to aid the development of intelligence as a whole ability. Well, we accept that a thick bound of yellowing pages peppered with symbols of the civilization may not excite everyone.

So, we are calling out to an array of your intelligences this November – get ready to be challenged visually, spatially, physically, logically and intimately! In fact, we are advising you towear comfortable walking shoes and bring your five senses for the following events:

For the visual-spatial learners, excite your spatial sense in this installation space:

Exhibition: Intrusion 
Everything is not what it seems in the realm of fairy tales and folklore; there are always two sides to the coin. ‘Intrusion’ features seven installations where viewers are invited to interact with the space and document their experiences. These installations are meant to incite audience participation and, in the process, challenge the preconceived notion that artwork cannot be touched but only gazed upon. Rekindling child-like curiosity, visitors get to venture out of their personal space to intrude on the exhibition space.

1 – 15 Nov | 10:00am – 10:00pm | FREE | Print Gallery and Box Office Foyer, TAH

For the bodily-kinesthetic learners, work your calf muscles for an arts walk-about or have fun with the little ones in a treasure hunt:

Special Festival Pass Event: Poetic Interventions @ Singapore Biennale Sites 
Sculptures beautify, poetry speaks. If poems could intervene, what would they say? Join five performers as they take you on a poetic journey around the civic district as they dialogue with the Singapore Biennale installations. Poetry from both international and local poets features in this programme conceptualised by theatre director Jeffrey Tan. Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

2 Nov, Sat | 7:00pm – 8:00pm | Festival Pass | Registration required | Meeting point: Main entrance, NMS

This event is repeated on 9 Nov, Sat.

Literary Walk with Rosemary Lim
Meander through the fiction, non-fiction and fantasy of Singapore with award-winning writer Rosemary Lim. You will follow in the footsteps of Joseph Conrad and Somerset Maugham, explore locations that inspired Rex Shelley and Edwin Thumboo. Discover Singapore as muse to novelists, playwrights and poets as you travel in time from colonial days to the present day through words and imagination. Begins at SMU and ends at Raffles Place. Wear comfortable shoes & clothing. Umbrella & water bottle strongly recommended.

2 Nov, Sat | 5:30pm – 7:30pm | $15 | Meeting point: Outside tcc@SMU

Little Lit!: The Sherlock Sam Treasure Hunt
Put your detective caps on and join Sherlock Sam, Singapore’s greatest kid detective, and his grumpy robot Watson on a thrilling treasure hunt! Along with his group of inquisitive friends, you will race through the SWF Festival District to search for hidden clues, solve secret codes and jump through puzzling hoops. Only the quickest minds and the fastest feet will emerge the winner! This treasure hunt is open to children aged six and above. All teams will need to consist of a child and a grown-up (aged 16 and above).

3 Nov, Sun | 2:30pm – 3:30pm | FREE | Big Steps, School of Information Systems, SMU

For those who have high interpersonal intelligence, and decided that you learn better with others in the heat of debates:

Fringe Debate: Happily Ever After – Fairy Tales Screw us Up
Moderated by: Carolyn Camoens
It usually ends with the prince and princess living happily ever after (or some variation to that end). However, life doesn’t often turn out that way. Do fairy tales skew our view of the world, and paint a picture too rose-tinted for our own good? Do they still have a role to play in our world today? Two teams of writers debate on whether fairy tales, in fact, mess with your minds, damaging you forever.

6 Nov, Wed | 7:30pm – 8:30pm | Festival Pass | Living Room, TAH

For those who are more introspective, we put you on a journey of self-discovery to tap into your intimate and personal life stories:

Workshop: Bonding with Your Child through Storytelling
Instructor: Roger Jenkins
It’s bedtime and your child says, “Tell me a story!” Do you feel lost for words? If you’d like to make your child happy but aren’t sure of the best way forward, let Roger Jenkins show you how in this highly participatory session where you’ll learn to become more expressive and adept at engaging your child. Discover how to share personal stories, and learn the different ways of adapting stories to suit your child’s development.

10 Nov, Sun | 10:00am – 1:00pm | $45 | Seminar Room 3-2, School of Information Systems, SMU

For the logical-mathematical learners, put on your critical thinking cap for trivia and beers:

Off the Page: Books & Beer x SG Tipsy Trivia!
Book Swop – No charge Pub Quiz – $5 per player (max. 6 players per team. Teams with more than 6 players will have 3.5 points deducted per extra player.) Top Prize for Pub Quiz: 60% of evening’s pot Second Prize for Pub Quiz: 30% of evening’s pot

Join Books & Beer – Singapore’s first travelling book swop – for a fun-filled evening of books, icy cold beer and conversations at this year’s Singapore Writers Festival. In this edition, Books & Beer teams up with SG Tipsy Trivia (Singapore’s first travelling pub quiz) to feature a literary pub quiz, with questions on luminaries such as William Shakespeare and Goh Poh Seng.

2 Nov, Sat | 5:00pm – 7:00pm | Switch, NTUC Trade Union House

Lastly, those who need to learn by getting their hands dirty, for some experiential fun:

Workshop: Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels
Instructor: G Willow Wilson
Here’s an introduction to scripting, plotting and writing dialogue for comic books and graphic novels. Learn how to compose panel-by-panel scripts – describing an action sequence in a series of art panels on a page – to create your very own three-page comic-book script. No artistic experience necessary!

2 Nov, Sat | 10:00am – 1:00pm | $45 | Seminar Room 2-1, School of Information Systems, SMU