Organised by: Ding Yi Music Company
  • Date:
    15 Mar 2024
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Victoria Concert Hall
    Victoria Concert HallVictoria Concert Hall
  • Language:
    English and Chinese


Embark on a grand celebration of musical fusion as Ding Yi Music Company opens the season with "Traversing", a highly anticipated event skilfully bridging the rich traditions of both Eastern and Western music. Bringing together international musicians, composers, and conductors, "Traversing" sets to present the classics of tomorrow, showcasing the mastery of Chinese chamber music that transcends time and cultural boundaries.

Under the distinguished batons of Resident Conductor Wong De Li, Dedric, and Maestro Tsung Yeh, the concert promises a captivating repertoire of modern works that delve into the depths of ancient history, literature, and music.

Cello virtuoso Ng Pei-Sian will grace the stage with a performance of "Sound of the Five" by Chen Yi, a composition that beautifully explores the nuances of Chinese ancient music. Ding Yi's dizi musician, Ng Hsien Han, will enchant the audience with Mo Fan's "Oasis," a piece that intricately weaves a sonic tapestry reflecting the contrasting landscapes of a desert and an oasis, crafted by one of modern China's foremost composers.

Join us for an evening of harmonious interplay between diverse traditions and contemporary expressions!