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RIOT! DREAMZ Hosted by Becca D‘Bus

Organised by: Becca D‘Bus
  • Date:
    23, 26 Aug 2023
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden)
    Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden)Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden)
  • Language:
    English and other languages might be included
  • Admission:
    We’ve revised seating categories
    We’ve worked on audience feedback over the last couple of months and created a seating plan that makes your experience more predictable, offers a bit more flexibility, and allows us to offer an access ticket category for folks who are a bit more sensitive.

    ALSO! Your ticket gets you a seat at RIOT! and access to Baby Boy.

    BEST – $60
    Assigned seats at shared tables closest to the stage.
    Section includes tables for 4 to 7.
    GOOD – $50
    Assigned seats at shared tables on the rear and outer edges of the front section. Close to the action, but out of the splash zone.
    Section includes tables that seat 4 to 8
    REAR – $40
    Assigned seats at banquettes and a counter at rear of the room. Further from the action.
    Section includes tables that seat 4 to 5, as well as a counter with high chairs
    BAR – $30
    Seats along the bar for the price-conscious! Furthest from the stage.
    Section seats are all high chairs.

  • Advisory:
    18 and above. No outside food and drinks.


It's Kak Nina Boo's Birthday! She's turning 968! Come celebrate her!

Oh you wanna see a show and then move your booty at a party! Oh boy, have we got you, baby! Your night kicks off at 8pm sharp (doors at 7.30) with RIOT! a drag show featuring some of the best of drag in Singapore! And after the show? A party! It's called Baby Boy! Queers! Hip-hop! R&B! Sluttiness! Yes! Dance till 3, then, if you still haven't hooked up, peruse the sidewalk sale, the pickings are...acceptable.

Showtime is 8 pm (Doors: 7.30)
Party doors open at 10 pm

Performing in RIOT:
Becca D'Bus . Kak Nina Boo . Mona Kee Kee . Nicki Aiko . Sapphire Blast . Vivi Hoe

Ticket sales are final. We do not have a refund policy.
Photo of Becca: Nydia Hartono
Illustration: Howie Kim

RIOT! DREAMZ Hosted by Becca D‘Bus