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Lolling & Rolling (SIFA 2023)

Organised by: Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023
  • Date:
    27, 28 May 2023
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Drama Centre Black Box
    Drama Centre Black BoxDrama Centre Black Box


Exploring English as the predominant language of political power, LOLLING AND ROLLING is a powerful one-man show that traces the shadow of linguistic imperialism within Korean society, and questions its impact on the "inaudible voice" of the subaltern. Lolling and Rolling takes as a starting point the phenomenon of tongue-tie surgery, an operation performed in South Korea to pronounce the English-accented "r". Through a blend of multimedia elements and performance, Jaha Koo unveils a practice which tries to silence minorities and deny their cultural agency.

LOLLING AND ROLLING is part of Jaha Koo's Hamartia Trilogy. SIFA 2023 presents two works from this trilogy: LOLLING AND ROLLING and CUCKOO. Jaha Koo intertwines personal stories with historical, political and sociological facts, exploring the clash of Eastern and Western culture: from the cutting of tongue belts to succeed in the West, to the heavy personal toll of Western interference in global macroeconomics.

Lolling & Rolling (SIFA 2023)