Let Me Take You Somewhere: Creative Workshop with Kamini Ramachandran and Rupert Thomson

Organised by: Setmaker and Kamini Ramachandran
  • Date:
    9 May 2023
  • Time:
    2:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Tekka Place Rooftop Pavilion
    Tekka Place Rooftop PavilionTekka Place Rooftop Pavilion
  • Language:


This workshop will give you the tools to create an interactive walking tour on the Setmaker software platform, and expert advice on how to make it the best it can be. You will learn new skills you can use to create a variety of tours and other interactive experiences during a fun and creative afternoon.

Discover Kamini's tour on Setmaker:

Workshop Contents:
- an introductory session by storyteller Kamini Ramachandran on designing a tour, and how to employ story-based techniques
- a hands-on guide to creating a simple interactive experience for smartphones, led by Founder and CEO of Setmaker, Rupert Thomson: you will be shown how to neatly sequence audio and video content to make a compelling experience, without any prior skills or knowledge required
- a friendly and supportive environment to develop new facets of your creativity, and to help you to share your knowledge and passion
- ongoing practical support to help you finish and share your creation

Recommended for participants:
- who are interested to learn how to create digital guided experiences; this might include those:
- interested in heritage
- interested in creative responses to places, like artists or urban farmers
- interested in urban areas and placemaking

Our shared goal will be for you to create a simple tour from this experience, and we look forward to helping to do so on the day and with follow up questions you may have!

Duration: 3hrs, 2-5pm
Location: Rooftop Pavilion, Tekka Place
Cost: $25
Recommended for ages 18+

What to Bring:
- a laptop, tablet or smartphone (laptop is ideal) on which to start creating your content
- these should be well charged; chargers; powerbank
- a couple of jpg photos to try out the software (some photos of a location you would like to create a tour. If you are still undecided any photos will work, they can easily be replaced later)

Materials Provided:
The organizer will provide:
- writing paper, pens, pencils, post-it notes
- simple refreshments: hot coffee, tea and water; simple snacks

Terms and Conditions:
Refunds are not available for this programme.
You may arrange for your tickets to be transferred to another attendee.
In the event this programme is cancelled, the organiser will offer a refund of your tickets.

Photography & Videography:
Official filming and photography will be conducted during the workshop for archival and marketing purposes.
Unauthorised filming or recording of the workshop facilitators is not permitted.
Non-flash photography (that isn't disruptive to the workshop) is permitted.

This workshop is supported by the Our Singapore Fund.

Let Me Take You Somewhere: Creative Workshop with Kamini Ramachandran and Rupert Thomson