Theatre, Visual Arts, Festival

A Day, 2023 (SIFA 2023)

Organised by: Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023
  • Date:
    23 May - 4 Jun 2023
  • Time:
    12:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Venue:
    The Arts House
    The Arts HouseThe Arts House
  • Admission:


Discover the intriguing amid the mundane, in this multidisciplinary installation combining performance and video installation, reflecting on the nature of time, space and our everyday relationships. With new discoveries and encounters to engage with on each day, it invites you to wander through doors and liminal spaces to piece together what lies within, and how they connect with each other. What different viewers see on different days is just a room, but as we consider what lies behind the other doors, and why they can't be seen, we experience the same state as in our everyday lives: our anticipation of—and our inability to anticipate—the future.

A Day, 2023 (SIFA 2023)