The Panchatantra: Unforgettable Fables from Ancient India

Organised by: Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Date:
    24 Mar 2023
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Asian Civilisations Museum
    Asian Civilisations MuseumAsian Civilisations Museum


Many Indian children grow up with seemingly simple tales from a fascinating treasure-house of stories, the Panchatantra. But this classic work of ancient literature, originally written in Sanskrit, appeals to all.

This talk, a reprise of a recent Monday Morning Lecture, brings you intriguing fables of humans and animals set in five major threads and memorable stories within stories. Abha will introduce major characters, who act out the highs and lows of human conduct in the story, teaching by example in a simple and effective way. Be entertained by a selection of tales and the story of the Panchatantra's travels to foreign lands.

This lecture is organised by the Friends of the Museums (FOM) with support from Asian Civilisations Museum.

The Panchatantra: Unforgettable Fables from Ancient India