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Tree Confessions

Organised by: M1 Singapore Fringe Festival
Performed by: This is Not a Theatre Company (USA)
  • Date:
    4 - 15 Jan 2023
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Self-scheduled, site-specific audio play
    Self-scheduled, site-specific audio playSelf-scheduled, site-specific audio play
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Accessibility features: Accessible to wheelchair users, audience with visual impairment, and as a relaxed performance experience.

"Mesmerizing. Fascinating, moving, mystical, informative; I could list a dictionary's worth of adjectives and still not fully describe how special Tree Confessions is... an audio-only piece that is so fully realized you can see it. Please take half an hour and listen to Tree Confessions and be changed for the better."
—Rachel More, View

Presenting the world's first play told entirely from the point of view of a tree, performed by award-winning Broadway, theatre and TV actress Kathleen Chalfant.

Trees talk! In a landmark study, a scientist learned everything about how trees communicate—or did she? One tree tells the story of what really happened, reminding us that human beings and plants live in one interconnected ecosystem.

To experience this site-specific audio play, find a tree near you, sit under it (or nearby), press play, and listen to the tree's confessions.

Tree Confessions