Festival, Open Call

Everyday Creativity Festival: OPEN CALL

Organised by: Playeum
  • Date:
    9, 10 Dec 2022
  • Venue:
    Common Ground Civic Center
    Common Ground Civic CenterCommon Ground Civic Center


Playeum is looking for a team of volunteer artists to transform the space at Common Ground Civic Center (the old Bedok Public Library) into an interactive play space for children and their adults for it's annual fundraising festival Everyday Creativity. The theme for this year is The Power of Play!

Play has the power to bring people together in a safe space and to unleash the inherent potential of every child and their adult – giving them the tools to transform their own experiences and strengthen their communities.

The festival will present what it means to be an embodiment of play, because it is no longer just about "Why Play?" but "How to Play?". We want children and their adults to feel the creative energy of play that unlocks new ways of learning and thriving together.

The proceeds from the festival will go towards our work helping children from diverse backgrounds with diverse needs. For more information check out our website www.playeum.com

If you have any questions or would like to join us please email your portfolio/examples of work to join.us@playeum.com

Everyday Creativity Festival: OPEN CALL