Resounding 绕梁15载

Organised by: Ding Yi Music Company
  • Date:
    5, 6 Nov 2022
  • Time:
    Sat: 7:30pm
    Sun: 3:30pm
  • Duration:
    Approx. 1h
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Recital Studio
    Esplanade Recital StudioEsplanade Recital Studio
  • Language:
    English and Mandarin
  • Admission:
    $35 (Excludes SISTIC Booking Fee)
  • Advisory:


Resounding is a trilogy concert which tells the story of Ding Yi from the start, their journey, and what is beyond. Led by Ding Yi Principal Guest Conductor, Quek Ling Kiong, this interactive concert integrates technology and immersive soundscape to showcase the limitless possibilities Chinese chamber music can offer. Repertoire includes new commissioned works by renowned composers Zhou Long and Wang Jianmin and Ding Yi's Composer-in-Residence Jon Lin Chua. This is part of Ding Yi's DY15 celebratory concerts in 2022 as Ding Yi celebrates their 15th year anniversary, Together with You.

To further commemorate the occasion, for the first time in Singapore, Ding Yi will launch a highly anticipated score publication which includes a compilation of original Chinese chamber music, compositions by local and international composers.

《绕梁15载》是一部三部曲音乐会,讲述鼎艺团立团的故事,他们的旅程,以及对未来的期待。 由鼎艺团首席客座指挥郭勇德带领,音乐会将结合科技和身临其境的声景,展示华乐室内乐的无限可能性。 曲目包括著名作曲家周龙、王建民和鼎艺驻团作曲家蔡宗玲的新委约作品。 《绕梁15载》是鼎艺团为欢庆成立15周年,所编制的"与您艺起"音乐会系列之一。


Resounding 绕梁15载