Visual Arts

One Night Only 2022: Fluid Fringes

Organised by: LASALLE College of the Arts
  • Date:
    11 Nov 2022
  • Time:
    6:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Venue:
    LASALLE's Winstedt Campus, 9 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227976
    LASALLE's Winstedt Campus, 9 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227976LASALLE's Winstedt Campus, 9 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227976
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One Night Only, an annual showcase of works by LASALLE College of the Arts' BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 2 and Level 3 students, returns for its seventh edition.

After two digital editions during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's One Night Only sees the revival of a physical showcase at LASALLE's Winstedt Campus, with diverse artworks by 51 artists on display. The theme for this year, Fluid Fringes, is a nod to the continuous process of learning and unlearning, synthesising new and pre-existing knowledge.

Exploring the individual, their surroundings and the muddling barriers that separate them, artists as active agents investigate the malleability of the transitory states of being, probing the boundaries between the internal and the external, the personal and the public, the familiar and the unfamiliar. One Night Only also expounds on the versatility of contemporary modes of artistic expression and the mediums through which these expressions manifest.

The works on show have emerged from curriculum electives such as The Performative Body, Wearable Art, A Mutual Tuning, Fieldwork and Rendering Realities. They explore themes ranging from the body – its physicality and social identity – to ideas of space which these bodies occupy, interact with or digitally fabricate.

One Night Only 2022: Fluid Fringes