Dance, Film

Stage On-Screen: A Filmic Translation of MILIEU 2021 Live Performance

Organised by: Frontier Danceland
  • Date:
    25 - 31 Mar 2022
  • Time:
    25 Mar, Fri, 8:00pm - 31 Mar, Thu, 11:59pm

  • Duration:
    Approx. 59min
  • Venue:
    Online (YouTube)
    Online (YouTube)Online (YouTube)
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Stage On-Screen is an experimental undertaking by Frontier Danceland that situates the filmic translation of theatrical live performance at the intersection between archival documentation and filmmaking. Relooking live performance through the visual language of the filmic lens, the process explores the potentiality of the audio-visual medium in supporting a meaningful conveyance of the physical performance originally meant for the audiences' live experience.

This programme features the filmic translation of two creations, Unlock by Low Mei Yoke (Singapore) and Re Apple Diary by Chiew Peishan (Singapore) that were part of the live performance double bill of MILIEU 2021.

Unlock is a reconstruction of White (2012). Rediscovering facets of identity that were once ignored or suppressed, the work explores the potentiality of one's dark sides of the shadow self to empower and bring light to the being.

Re Apple Diary is a response and extension of the autobiographical re-imagination of filmic work, Apple Diary (2021). Exploring the themes of power and agency through the juxtaposition of personal history with absurdity, the work examines the compulsion to repeat traumatic memories as a paradoxical positive confrontation of the past and inquires if healing can occur coming out of the other side.

Stage On-Screen: A Filmic Translation of MILIEU 2021 Live Performance