Archives Invites – Bennett Sng: British Medals Awarded to Singaporeans for Their Service in World War II

Organised by: National Library, Singapore
  • Date:
    24 Mar 2022
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    Online (Zoom)
    Online (Zoom)Online (Zoom)
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    Conducted in English


Similar to their British counterparts, military, police, other uniformed personnel and civilians who were involved in World War II in Singapore were awarded British medals for their contributions. During this session with collector Bennett Sng, listen to the stories of some of these gallant men and women and find out more about the history of medals in Singapore since 1918.

Thu, 24 Mar 2022
6 pm – 7 pm
Via Zoom
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Check out some of these medals at the exhibition "New Light on an Old Tale" held at the National Archives of Singapore from 15 Feb to 30 Jun 2022.

About the Speaker
Mr Bennett Sng is a Singaporean in his late 50s currently working as a trainer in the government sector. His interest in collecting and researching medals started in the late 1990s when he realised that there were only a handful of Singaporeans who shared the same interest. He has since co-organised a few medal exhibitions to share his collections with fellow Singaporeans. His most recent exhibition, "Fragments of Voices", was held from 2017 to 2020.

About Archives Invites
Community histories unfold in this series that traces Singapore's social past with help from the archives.

About the Exhibition "New Light on an Old Tale"
(15 Feb to 30 Jun 2022)
Centred around the Japanese invasion of British colonial Singapore, this exhibition tells the story of two adversaries who were once allies. Told through artefacts on loan from three private collectors, the exhibition chronicles the changing fortunes of a tiny settlement caught between two empires. In 2022, we mark 80 years since the Fall of Singapore through objects that bear testament to our difficult path to nationhood and the price of peace that was paid by the sacrifices of many.

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Archives Invites – Bennett Sng: British Medals Awarded to Singaporeans for Their Service in World War II