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The Maker's Project

Organised by: The Finger Players
  • Date:
    24 Feb - 13 Mar 2022
  • Venue:
    Various Locations
    Various LocationsVarious Locations
  • Admission:
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The Finger Players is proud to present The Maker's Project, a contemplative culmination of The Maker's Lab 2021 cycle, from 24 February – 13 March 2022.

Following a successful run of last year's inaugural cycle, this second edition of The Maker's Lab explores the relationship between puppetry and sustainability, exploring ways to create to ensure a build's longevity. How can we expand the repertoire of readily-available materials for puppet-building? How else can we renew the afterlives of puppets beyond performance? And most importantly, how can we generate less waste during construction and after performance?

The Maker's Project comprises of the following events:
- Production: No Disaster on This Land
- The Maker's Forum: Sustainability in Process
- The Maker's Assembly: Conversations
- The Maker's Workshop: Messing with Modularity

The Maker's Project is supported by the Tote Board Arts Fund.

The Maker's Project