Duckie Can’t Swim 《不会游泳的小鸭》

Organised by: Paper Monkey Theatre 猴纸剧坊
  • Date:
    17 - 31 Dec 2021
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Online (SISTIC Live)
    Online (SISTIC Live)Online (SISTIC Live)
  • Language:
    Chinese (with English surtitles)


This holiday season, Paper Monkey Theatre is excited to present 'Duckie Can't Swim', a digital performance based on a fable! Inspired by the concept of pop-up story books, join us and be dazzled by the colourful and vibrant lights, and find yourself humming to its melodic music in this paper theatre performance.

It is the first day of school, Duckie is very excited to make new friends, learn new things and discover the amazing world that we live in. But Duckie finds out that ducks are supposed to quack and swim, and it can do neither! The animals find it so odd that they start to tease and chant, "Little Duck-Chicken!" Duckie does not like it and feels ostracised. It struggles to keep up and yearns to be a duck that quacks and swims, not a misfit. Will Duckie find the courage to accept who it is? Will the farm animals learn to accept it?




开学日, 小鸭子兴致勃勃想结识新朋友和学习新事物可是, 它是名副其实的鸭子, 却连嘎嘎叫和 游泳本能都学不会? 周围的动物朋友都取笑它为" 旱 鸭子"。 最终鸭子会不会鼓起勇气, 努力克服 一切困难? 动物朋友会不会对它 另眼相看呢? 让我们拭目以待吧!

Duckie Can’t Swim 《不会游泳的小鸭》