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High Rise

Organised by: Circus Maximus International
  • Date:
    19 Nov - 10 Dec 2021
  • Venue:
    School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) - Studio Theatre (TBC)
    School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) - Studio Theatre (TBC)School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) - Studio Theatre (TBC)
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High Rise is an immersive interactive experience that aims to awake Singaporeans' sense of community and foster deeper affiliations to the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Set against the iconic HDB housing backdrop, High Rise connects Green Plan 2030 to individual Singaporeans, portrayed as families in High Rise's HDB block. Our residents share stories of hopes and dreams to inspire and educate visitors about the intent to Green Plan 2030, while stories of worries motivate the need for individual action along the pillars of Green Plan 2030, concluding with an opportunity to act.

About Us: Circus Maximus International Pte Ltd is an integrated marketing agency, with a strong foundation in event management and a comprehensive network of partners across the globe.

We are looking for writers, actors and videographers to collaborate with in the making of a multimedia experience. Ideal collabators must possess a good understanding of Singapore landscape and visions of the future or are willing to research on the topics.

Tentatively titled, High Rise, this interactive attraction will be set up in SOTA's Studio Theatre and its preceding foyer (tbc). It will incorporate elements of theatre, exhibition, film and new media. Guided by a quirky cast of characters interacting with multimedia, guests will be immersed in a future Singapore as imagined by the innovators of today.

We are looking to assemble a team of creatives to develop existing story treatments and possibly serve as guides for the event. Interested should send their CV, portfolio, and perhaps, a writing sample, where applicable to

Tentative Period of Commitment: July to December 2021 (Writers), and September to December 2021 (Actors and Videographers)

High Rise