Visual Arts

No Messing With Her

Organised by: Gnani Arts
  • Date:
    14 - 24 Oct 2021
  • Venue:


It is the time of the year whereby we are delightfully-provoked to invoke the goddess within, regardless of gender or social stance, as one cannot deny the existence of the kinetic feminine within every aspect of the animate and the inanimate. From a mythological or metaphorical perspective, and within the approach that effortlessly pleases a particular, collective humanity that is obsessed with organised patriarchy, if we are able to accept the premise of the Cosmic Dancer performing his unending 'anandathandavam' to repeatedly create, sustain and destroy the universe, then let us not disrupt Her as She eternally rides her lion, as mighty as ever, fearlessly winning over evil. This exhibition is a dynamic prayer via a collection of soulful art that depicts guardian-goddesses of everyday life, beyond race and religion, as we firmly confirm the prevalence of peace and positivity. – Vidhya Gouresan Nair

No Messing With Her