The Concubine

Organised by: Isaiah Christopher Lee
  • Date:
    14 - 18 Jul 2021
  • Time:
    14 - 16 Jul, Wed - Fri: 7:30pm
    17 & 18 Jul, Sat & Sun: 3:00pm, 7:30pm
  • Duration:
    Approx. 90min. No intermission.
  • Venue:
    Drama Centre Black Box
    Drama Centre Black BoxDrama Centre Black Box
  • Admission:

    Due to safe distancing, tickets are NOT free-seating and sold in groups of 1, 2 and 4 as follows:
    • Tier 1 - Single tickets
    • Tier 2 - Double tickets
    • Tier 3 - Four tickets

    Please note that holders of multiple Single Tickets (Tier 1) will not be seated together. For groups of twos, please purchase Double Tickets (Tier 2). For groups of fours, please purchase Four Tickets (Tier 3). Upon selection, you will be assigned and shown your seat allocation and seat number. Ticket buyers are advised to check carefully for the correct dates and corresponding ticket type.

    There will be no pre-event testing as each performance has less than 50 audience members. However, check-in via the Safe Entry app or token is mandatory.

  • Advisory:
    Mature themes. Official Rating to be advised. Content Warning: self-harm, homophobia, violence, suicide mention, coarse language.


After hurting his lover, a young Singaporean man stands at the beginning of the rest of his life. Faced with an uncertain future after the end of a tumultuous and unusual relationship, he must return to his past and revisit the people he has loved and lost. In retracing the steps between what he knows and what he yearns to uncover, he must find a new path home – one that has not been forged.

In a world where things can change in a day, he must negotiate the price of love. Treading the thin line between protection and violence, beauty and pain, love and loss, The Concubine attempts to navigate the (im)possible labyrinth of trauma and abuse.

Will he find peace within himself while healing the inner child who has been forced to grow up?

Creative Team
Writer and Performer: Isaiah Christopher Lee
Director: Adeeb Fazah
Co-writer: Izzul Irfan
Sound Designer: Ng Sze Min
Lighting Designer: Ian Pereira

The Concubine