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Eyesore Magazine Issue 5 Open call

Organised by: Eyesore
  • Date:
    9 Jul - 1 Aug 2021
  • Venue:
    Online (Google Forms)
    Online (Google Forms)Online (Google Forms)
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Eyesore is a collective and magazine dedicated to documenting and communicating experiences of the built environment. For the next issue we will be exploring how we relate to lost spaces, what the causes and affects of them are and what the future may hold. We will look at all forms of lost spaces: human, non-human, conceptual, emotional. It can be moving away from your childhood home, or losing the concept of an office, forests lost to urban development or how the loss of a loved one has changed your view on a physical environment.

As always we want to provide the platform for the voices often overheard in the discourse of the built environment. We are interested in both micro and macro levels of investigation taking inspiration from the past, present and future. We accept submissions in various forms such as investigative journalism, photo essays, art projects, historical accounts and poetry. Flipping things on their head, breaking stereotypes and making surprising connections is what we love to do at EYESORE.

We welcome projects at all stages of their process - whether finished or not. There may be possibilities of us pairing you with another collaborator if your themes match - please let us know in the form below whether you would be okay with that. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Eyesore Magazine Issue 5 Open call