Theatre, Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop, Festival

The Remembering Resource (II)

Organised by: Grain Performance & Research Lab
  • Date:
    18 Jun - 3 Jul 2021
  • Venue:
    The Arts House
    The Arts HouseThe Arts House
  • Language:
    English & Chinese


The Remembering Resource (II) is a series of live encounters on culture, craft, and creativity, based on the works of the now-defunct Theatre OX (1995-2007) led by Artistic Director Ang Gey Pin. They include an exhibition, performances, work demo, talk and inter-generational dialogue sessions. There will be 6 events over 2 weeks, with the involvement of 15 artists! 5 out of 6 events are free!

During the Circuit Breaker last year, The Remembering Resource launched its first iteration with an online archive and six-hour dialogue session with the arts community, both in Singapore and abroad.

This second iteration, The Remembering Resource (II), is presented by Grain Performance & Research Lab (Grain PR Lab) led by Artistic Director Beverly Yuen who co-produced it with Ranice Tay. Beverly was a core member of Theatre OX in the 1990s, and she found it meaningful to reintroduce the works of Theatre OX and its relevance to the arts community.

In the spirit of initiating intergenerational dialogue on craft, programme highlights include a work demo of Theatre OX's training with young practitioners today, as well as panel discussion with speakers T. Sasitharan, Alvin Chiam, Nelson Chia and Sabrina Sng to investigate what lies at the heart of theatre-making and actor training.

The Remembering Resource (II) also aims to bridge the past with the present: how the artistry of Theatre OX members has evolved from then to now, by looking at the post-OX works of Grain PR Lab and Sourcing Within (founded by Gey Pin).

The Remembering Resource (II) will be presented at The Arts House & online from 18 June to 3 July 2021. Registration is required for all events. Visit for ticketing/registration details.

The Remembering Resource (II)