Visual Arts

My Babak's Studio

Organised by: Malay Heritage Centre
  • Date:
    2 Feb - 1 Jul 2021
  • Venue:
    Malay Heritage Centre
    Malay Heritage CentreMalay Heritage Centre
  • Admission:
    * My Mini Briefcase is available for sale at the Visitor Services Centre at $5 each.
  • Advisory:
    For ages 3 and above


What is a work day like for a jewellery designer and trader? Find out more by exploring this studio inspired by the actual childhood memories of two sisters whose father is a Banjarese diamond trader and jeweller.

Purchase a mini briefcase filled with everything you need for a complete little diamond designer experience. Let's head to work now!

This studio is a part of the Urang Banjar: Heritage and Culture of the Banjar in Singapore exhibition.

My Babak's Studio