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open books: I Want to Go Home

Organised by: The Arts House
  • Date:
    22 Jan - 28 Feb 2021
  • Venue:
    The Arts House
    The Arts HouseThe Arts House
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In conjunction with the Light to Night Festival 2021, The Arts House will be presenting its signature outdoor installation – open books on the front porch. From 22 January – 28 February 2021, audiences can explore this outdoor experiential art installation which takes inspiration from local author and filmmaker Wesley Leon Aroozoo's non-fiction novel I Want To Go Home.

"It is telling of human experience, and the human spirit, that grief so often gives rise to beautiful expressions of creativity and perseverance. With these installations we invite our audiences to contemplate loss and beauty, in tribute to the documentary work of Wesley Leon Aroozoo, to the enduring love of Mr Takamatsu and his late wife, and the tenderness in the face of suffering that unites us all,'' says Rupert Thomson, Head of Artistic Programmes, AHL Venues.

"Wesley's novel I Want To Go Home touched on poignant messages of hope and love. At The Arts House, we believe in engaging audiences by providing them with opportunities to appreciate the compelling works of our local artists through the careful curation of spaces and programmes. This made it a natural decision for us to partner with Mural Lingo to create this immersive art installation," says Martini Binte Ali Wafar, Programmer, The Arts House.


open books: I Want to Go Home

Visual Arts | Free | 22 Jan – 28 Feb 2021

In conjunction with Light to Night 2021, open books  returns to The Arts House with an experiential art installation that takes inspiration from Wesley Leon Aroozoo's I Want to Go Home.  Co-curated and designed by Mural Lingo and The Arts House, the immersive multi-sensory installation invites you to encounter the strength of a man's love and resilience to be reunited with his loved one. Through  open books: I Want to Go Home,  multidisciplinary artists bring the literary work to life and convey the importance of love, hope, and determination in allowing us to overcome times of crisis.

open books: In Conversation with Wesley Leon Aroozoo (Sg) and Miki Hawkinson (Aus)

Talk (Online) | Free | 30 Jan 2021 | 3pm - 4.30pm

Featuring Wesley Leon Aroozoo (SG) & Miki Hawkinson (AUS)

Moderator: Mohamad Shaifulbahri (SG)

2021 marks the 10th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and that is also how long Mr Takamatsu's search for his wife has been. I Want to Go Home tells the story of Mr Takamatsu's recovery process after experiencing loss and his sheer determination to reunite with his loved one. The novel provided a glimpse into the strength of human resilience and how love may manifest itself in times of crisis. Join us in a conversation with the author and translator of I Want to Go Home on their journey uncovering and documenting Mr Takamatsu's story. In this online session, Wesley and Miki will share recollections of their week-long trip to Onagawa and their thoughts and reflections on being part of telling the story.

open books: Dreams, The Last Message & Afterlife: an audio experience

Online | Free | 22 Jan – 28 Feb 2021

By Artwave Studio

I Want To Go Home tells the story of Mr Yasuo Takamatsu, who lost his wife to the tsunami during the Great East Japan earthquake. Since that fateful day, he has been diving in the sea every week searching for her, and his story is of hope, recovery and loss. Through this audio experience, immerse yourself in the moving story of Mr Takamatsu's love for his wife through his words and thoughts as well as Wesley's profound reflection on his journey uncovering the story.

Produced and designed by Artwave Studio, the text featured in these recordings are excerpts from the following chapters of I Want To Go Home by Wesley Leon Aroozoo - Dreams, The Last Message and Afterlife

open books: I Want to Go Home