Music, Dance, Festival


Organised by: Sigma Contemporary Dance
  • Date:
    6, 13 Dec 2020
  • Time:
    There will be a short post-show dialogue after each session. More details will be updated on our FB event page.
    Performance will be available online for 24 hours on both days.
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Online (Facebook Live)
    Online (Facebook Live)Online (Facebook Live)
  • Language:
    English and Malay
  • Admission:
    Donations can be made via PAYNOW to UEN no.
    T15SS0027G (please indicate "hypnagogia" in the comment
    box for tracking purpose)


Past memories linger, resurface, distort and blur, reconstructing themselves into a version of reality that we remember. This work is an introspective look at the different states one goes through when encountering loss, taking the viewer on a site-specific tour of an imagined house. Viewers are invited to experience a 360 perspective as they follow the dancers through the tour. This will be a 1-take performance.

Directed by: Hong Guofeng
Choreographed by: Hong Guofeng and dancers
Music & sound: by Redwan Hamzah
Video by: Daniel Bob


Hypnagogia is the second collaboration between Hong Guofeng and Redwan Hamzah, after a successful site- specific work, Dock 65 in 2019. This work is prompted by a reflection of the impact of this pandemic, especially on the loss of familiarity many faced. Set in a vacant colonial bungalow, the performance attempts to recreate the experience of the audience being in the space watching a site-specific performance through not just the use of a 360 camera for visuals, but incorporating 360 sound experience as well.