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How To Break A Window – A Hybrid Theatrical Experience

Organised by: T:>Works
  • Date:
    16 - 19 Dec 2020
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    72-13 and Online (Zoom)
    72-13 and Online (Zoom)72-13 and Online (Zoom)
  • Admission:
    $20 (Live at 72-13)
    $10 (Stream via Zoom)


An experiment on form.
An insistence on hybridity.
An instructional guide to a brave new world.

From 16 to 19 December 2020, T:>Works presents How To Break A Window. Expect a series of digital and hybrid productions, live staged readings and conversations on digital performance, featuring the brilliant winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2020. The Director's Cut of the productions will be made available as Video-On-Demand for a limited period thereafter.

Choose your How To Break A Window experience!

Whether you're at home or in 72-13, T:>Works welcomes you into our community as we – as artists and audiences – explore and discuss the digital turn in performance and storytelling.

(A) Hybrid Theatrical Experience (at 72-13)
(B) Home Theatrical Experience (via Zoom)

(A) The Hybrid Theatrical Experience - 'live' at 72-13

T:>Works invites a limited audience capacity into 72-13 to experience both live performances and film screenings of the winning plays (The Correspondence and Tadka) from the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2020. The in-theatre audience will enjoy a series of live performances and conversations, some of which are simultaneously live-streamed to the home viewers. A highlight is the hybrid production Third Eye, written by Wong Chen Seong (Winner of First Prize, Open Category), where both the live staging as well as digital production are simultaneously presented to offer the audience an opportunity to experience different perspectives of the same text.

The Hybrid Theatrical Experience is best enjoyed with your family or friends. Book your tickets as a group (of up to 5) and we'll seat you together on the event day! Just select the number of tickets you are buying for your group upon check out.

Note: If you are purchasing more than 5 tickets, kindly drop us an email at at about your preferred seating configuration.

When: 16 – 19 December 2020, 7.30pm
Where: 72-13, Home of T:>Works, 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007
Tickets: $20

(B) The Home Theatrical Experience - via Zoom

Missed an opportunity to purchase a ticket to the live performance at 72-13? Fret not - T:>Works will bring the theatrical experience to you! A section of the hybrid theatrical experience will be live-streamed to home audiences. Best viewed on laptop or a widescreen device, audiences at home can enjoy a staged reading (Onthakan – The Blue Hour or La Facade), conversations with the creators as well as one of the digitally produced performance pieces.

When: 16 – 19 December 2020, 7.30pm
Where: Zoom (the link will be shared one day prior to the event.)
Tickets: $10

The five featured works of How To Break A Window

Third Eye | Hybrid performance
Written by Wong Chen Seong
Directed by Casey Lim

After years living abroad, Seong is back in Singapore, serving his quarantine notice. In isolation at his hotel room, Seong soon realises that he is not alone.

The Correspondence | Digital production
Written by Sarah Zafirah
Directed by Kaylene Tan

The Correspondence explores the mind of teenager Hal who is asked to deliver the eulogy for his estranged father's funeral.

Tadka | Digital production
Written by Carolyn Camoens
Directed by Jasmine Ng

New to Singapore, Geeta attempts to start her own Indian cooking channel. But life, as always, gets in the way.

La Façade | Live staged reading
Written by Bernadette Koh
Directed by Noorlinah Mohamed

A family lives in a city where curtains are banned by the state. What happens when two children defiantly put up curtains?

Onthakan - The Blue Hour | Live staged reading
Written by Rajkumar Thiagaras
Directed by Kaylene Tan

An Indian man from Singapore and a Thai man from another world gets on Zoom. How will they both deal with their shared past before the hour is up?

Bonus: Video-on-Demand Director's Cut of the three digitally produced plays: Tadka, The Correspondence and Third Eye

The Director's Cut will also include insights from artists and behind-the-scenes footage. Video-on-Demand will be made available from 20 to 23 December. Ticketholders for both the hybrid and home theatrical experiences will get 50% off - just indicate your interest upon checkout or send us an email for the discount code!

How To Break A Window – A Hybrid Theatrical Experience