Literary Arts

Rapatseni: Berseri Lakon dan Alun 2.0

Organised by: Malay Language Council
  • Date:
    10 Oct 2020
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    Online - Aras Productions' YouTube page
    Online - Aras Productions' YouTube pageOnline - Aras Productions' YouTube page
  • Admission:
    Video will be released on Aras Productions' YouTube page


Rapatseni celebrates Malay poetry and the beauty of the Malay language, music, culture and tradition. Titled Berseri Lakon & Alun, which promotes the idea that "art is the poetry of life, music is the dance of the world", the third edition of Rapatseni features local poems that explore life and love through a writer's eyes.

Rapatseni: Berseri Lakon dan Alun 2.0