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Blindspot - Online Watch Party + Post-Show Dialogue

Organised by: NUS Chinese Drama
  • Date:
    17 Oct 2020
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Online (Zoom)
    Online (Zoom)Online (Zoom)
  • Language:
    Chinese and English
  • Admission:
    If your are interested in joining us in the online watch party, please indicate their interest using the following link:


We are proud to announce that Blindspot is back in a brand new format! We are holding an online watch party cum post-show dialogue on 17 October, 2pm. Our director, actors and a member of the visually impaired community will share more insights in greater details.

Directed by Artistic Director of NUS Chinese Drama, Judy Ngo, the digital play revolves around two central characters: a young woman who struggles to accept her mother's gradual loss of eyesight and a foreign student who is "overlooked" by the local students. These parallel stories reflect similarities in the challenges to see and be seen, and they eventually "grow" through understanding and acceptance. Drawn from deeply personal interviews with visually impaired persons, insights shared by VWOs who support these communities as well as with people who live on the fringes, the online play created by members of Chinese Drama offers deeper insights into the challenges faced by such individuals that hopefully lead to a more inclusive campus. Blindspot continues the strong desire of this young theatre group to tell authentic stories that not only raise awareness of issues that concern their generation but to also spark action through change of thinking.

For more details, please visit Chinese Drama's official Instagram: @NUSChineseDrama and NUS Centre For the Arts website.

Blindspot - Online Watch Party + Post-Show Dialogue