The Great Summons [Fallen . Revive . Invoke]

Organised by: The Arts Fission Company
  • Date:
    7 Jul - 10 Aug 2020
  • Duration:
    8min 44sec
  • Venue:
    Sistic Live
    Sistic LiveSistic Live
  • Language:
  • Admission:
  • Advisory:
    All ages are welcome


This is a dance tribute to ordinary people in extraordinary times.

We invoke hope and compassion for those who make our lives bearable with unwavering devotion courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

In the epic poem The Great Summons [大招] by the patriarch of Chinese poetry Qu Yuan (屈原340 –278 B.C.) the perilous landscape he described foreshadows the quandary of our current state:

Wandering souls in exile and isolation through environment mired in dangers and the yearning call of the shaman to invoke safe return to life's beauty and warmth.

The dance was filmed on site at the iconic Rotunda of the National Museum Singapore. Filming was done prior the April circuit breaker was in place.

The Great Summons [Fallen . Revive . Invoke]