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From Heart To Hearts For Hearts

Organised by: Grain Performance & Research Lab
  • Date:
    29 Jul - 10 Aug 2020
  • Time:
    29 Jul 8:00pm - 10 Aug 10:00pm
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    Free with registration
    from 29 Jul to 10 Aug

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"This performance sourced from my heart, to the hearts of many around us. This is probably the most meaningful arts project that I have undertaken in my 25 years of pursuit in theatre!" – Beverly Yuen, Director (Theatre & Movement) & Performer


Beverly Yuen, the artistic director of Grain Performance & Research Lab and a physical theatre performer, expresses with movements and songs resonating from the heart to visual artist Kylie Boo's 15 drawings and paintings on congenital heart defects to raise awareness on the struggles of congenital heart disease (CHD) patients. Kylie was born with CHD, and she hopes to portray the daily struggles of the patients through this project.

Beverly conceptualised From Heart To Hearts For Hearts with a young filmmaker Goh Ying Sheng from May to July 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She shared about this project which is momentous and meaningful to her: "When I looked at Kylie's paintings, I was drawn to the poignant inspirational images that portray the inner world of the CHD patients.

"For instance, in one of the painting series 'Four Seasons', each season is depicted within each heart. Kylie had the vision of painting the series when she was in the hospital, wondering how many seasons she could get through."

Kylie, who sat in during the rehearsals and shoot, found herself visibly moved to tears. She expressed: "Beverly's performance was intense, and I could see that she was interacting with the paintings not just with her movements, but through a genuine stream of energy sourcing from her heart.

"I am touched that my voice is finally heard. Beverly performed my emotions."

To Beverly, though the paintings are inspired by portraying the struggles of patients with CHD, the project is about showing care and love to people around us, especially during this pivotal moment of Covid-19.


Director (Theatre & Movement)/Scriptwriter/Performer/Costume Designer: Beverly Yuen
Director (Film): Goh Ying Sheng
Artist- Paintings: Kylie Boo Kai Ni
Music designer: Ray Ng
Set/Prop designer: Megan Chia Yong Qi

From Heart To Hearts For Hearts