Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Let’s frame it another way: From prose to comics

Organised by: Difference Engine
  • Date:
    28 Jun 2020
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    Online on Zoom
    Online on ZoomOnline on Zoom
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  • Advisory:
    For children aged 7-12. Parents/guardians are welcome to join in.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, does that mean words become unnecessary in a comic book? Discover how Tintin Pantoja, comics illustrator of graphic novel The Makers Club: Game On!, combines images and text to develop a comic!

Participants will reimagine their favourite stories in the comics medium and learn a different way of telling stories. Tintin will be demonstrating how images and text can work together through a live sketching session, along with exercises that the audience can follow along.

Let’s frame it another way: From prose to comics