Visual Arts, Open Call , Zabbalang

Mapping Fear - Open Call for your Drawings

Organised by: Xinwei Che
  • Date:
    25 May - 20 Jun 2020
  • Time:
    All hours
  • Venue:
  • Language:
    Instructions in English, responses can be in any language


Making art gives us a way to express difficult emotions. In the pragmatic landscape of Singapore, contemplating one's fears is often considered futile and unproductive. But I think fear is what makes us human, and connects us deeply to each other. Fear can reveal how we may choose to change and go forward in difficult times.

Come create our morphing collaborative art with us at

The drawings you share with us are overlaid on each other. They become like xray slides, the overlapping areas suddenly revealing riotous colour. The areas that are different remain as they are. I think of these drawings of fear as clues – clues for what we really want, clues for how we may get there.

All submissions are entirely anonymous. I hope this project can provide a peaceful space for reflection in this uncertain time. Follow this project and look at what other people are drawing at #mappingfear

Mapping Fear - Open Call for your Drawings