Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Inside the Creative Space of Wu Qiong (Virtual Solo Exhibition)

Organised by: Ode To Art
  • Date:
    26 May 2020
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Join us next Tuesday for Wu Qiong's first virtual solo exhibition with Ode to Art via a Facebook live!

The solo exhibition will offer viewers a rare glimpse into Wu Qiong's creative space where the 39 year-old works on his creative pursuit of paintings and sculptures. The intimate session will allow viewers to get to know the man behind the artworks, with a focus on the processes involved when creating and his source of inspiration and creativity. He will also be showcasing his latest artworks featuring 7 paintings and 8 sculptures before ending the session with a brief demonstration on how to sculpt using Play-Doh and a painting demonstration.

With Wu Qiong's last solo exhibition in Singapore in 2015, the artist and Ode to Art had plans to hold another solo exhibition in Ode to Art gallery at the end of 2020. They decided to bring the exhibition online and straight into the homes of viewers through Facebook Live due to the current Covid-19 circumstances.

Tune in on 26 May (Tuesday), 8pm, via

Inside the Creative Space of Wu Qiong (Virtual Solo Exhibition)