Theatre, Festival

100% Singapore

Organised by: Arts House Limited
Performed by: Rimini Protokoll (Germany & Singapore)
  • Date:
    29, 30 May 2020
  • Time:
    Fri: 8:00pm
    Sat: 3:00pm
  • Duration:
    1h 40m, no intermission
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Theatre
    Esplanade TheatreEsplanade Theatre
  • Admission:
    $38*, $58
    *Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
    Limited student tickets at $10.

  • Advisory:
    Rating to be advised. Admission for audience age 12 years and above.


** This event is cancelled. **

Staged in over 35 cities around the world, Berlin-based performance group Rimini Protokoll's ground-breaking 100% City series now arrives in Singapore.

100 minutes. 100 everyday Singaporeans. In 100% Singapore – the Singaporean edition of the acclaimed 100% City series – meet 100 statistically-selected individuals, each of them representing an estimated 57,000 inhabitants of our city, in a vibrant clash of diverse identities and views on Singapore.

Berlin-based performance group Rimini Protokoll invites 100 citizens to become part time 'actors of themselves' on the theatre stage. Using snowball sampling, the group first selects one local participant, who then selects and suggests the next participant based on a set of demographic criteria in a 'statistical chain reaction'.

The result of Rimini Protokoll's special staging methodology is a dynamic, fascinating cross between a social experiment and reality theatre, using the stage as a micro model of society. It reveals the faces behind the numbers, presenting their combinations of opinions and experiences where we often only see fragments.

Unexpected and utterly local, don't miss this exciting living and breathing portrait of Singapore and gain a new appreciation for the multifarious individuals who call Singapore home.

100% Singapore