Organised by: Esplanade. A Co-production with Teater Ekamatra.
Performed by: Umi Kalthum Ismail, Krish Natarajan & Ashwini Nambiar
  • Date:
    16 - 19 Apr 2020
  • Time:
    Thu - Sat: 8:00pm
    Sat & Sun: 3:00pm 
  • Duration:
    1h 20min, no intermission
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Theatre Studio
    Esplanade Theatre StudioEsplanade Theatre Studio
  • Language:
    Performed in English & Malay with English surtitles.
  • Admission:
    Free Seating

    For enquiries:

  • Advisory:
    Some strong language and mature themes. Recommended for 12 years old and above.


** This event is cancelled. **

Punggah  tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Zaitun, a palliative care nurse who finds joy in burying cuttings, patients and her past; and Martin, a filial man trying to trace his dying mother's past in order to fulfil her final request. Compelled by time, both struggle to deal with personal conflicts as they try to reconcile the past and the present—all in the hope of carrying out responsibilities for the people they both love and hate. Punggah  explores themes of reconciliation and redemption, told through the lives of those dealing with death.

Creative team:
Playwright: Johnny Jon Jon
Director: Fasyali Fadzly
Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Liu Yong Huay Faith
Sound Designer: Tini Aliman

Umi Kalthum Ismail
Krish Natarajan
Ashwini Nambiar

There will be post-show dialogues on 17 & 18 Apr, Fri & Sat (evening).


The Studios 2020: Lost & Found

We are familiar with loss in varying shades, from the irritation of losing a favourite pen to the devastation and anger that come with the loss of life or love. Loss, however, is hardly the final word. It exists in tension and symbiosis with "finding"—there seldom is one without the other—and in the middle of these two opposites, we often find hope.

To experience loss is to be human. Yet, the human spirit constantly looks for something in the midst of loss, to create and find something out of what is or was no longer there.

The productions for The Studios 2020 exist within this tension – sifting through the vast lost & found box that is life – collecting and collating its disparate parts, examining our losses, and asking of ourselves what we might find in losing something.