Theatre, Open Call


Organised by: The Esplanade Co Ltd
  • Date:
    29 Apr - 22 May 2020
  • Duration:
    20 - 30min
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
    Esplanade Rehearsal StudioEsplanade Rehearsal Studio
  • Admission:
    Please submit proposal to by 22 May 2020.


PLAYlab+ is Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay's developmental platform targeted at budding artists or collectives interested in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) for ages two to six years old. PLAYlab+ aims to provide opportunities for research and development in the creation of new TYA productions at the centre. Shortlisted proposals will be supported through opportunities for critical feedback, an honorarium and a work-in-progress showcase. These proposals may also have the potential to be further developed thereafter for Esplanade's various platforms.

PLAYlab+ is a part of a larger developmental effort called PLAYlab, which aims to provide emerging TYA artists with more time, space and support in the creation of new productions for Esplanade's PLAYtime! series.

We invite artists to consider the following questions when working on their PLAYlab+ proposal:
1. How is your work suitable for children in terms of addressing their developmental milestones between two to six years old?
2. What are your artistic approaches to creating the work?
3. What are some innovative practices that can be incorporated in your work to ensure sustainability?
4. How would this collaboration benefit all members of the team?
5. How does your work contribute to creating a safe and accessible space that is inclusive to a diverse range of children?

Details for submission
You may choose to submit your proposal as an individual or as a collective. You are encouraged to articulate the topic(s) and process(es) that you hope to explore in PLAYlab+. These submissions are an opportunity to critically engage with the topic. For more detailed criteria, please email Sofia, at for more details. Late submissions will not be entertained.

The following should be included in your proposal:
1. Personal Information – Name, age, contact number
2. Short biography of yourself / your collective
3. Description of Proposed Idea: to include mood boards, articles, research and approaches
4. Collaborator(s)
5. Detailed Budget

Artists or arts collectives will receive the following support to develop their PLAYlab+ idea:
1. Up to a maximum of SGD 3,000 for production fees
2. Up to a maximum of SGD 1,000 for pre-production costs
3. Showcase platform at the Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
4. Critical feedback from audience and fellow practitioners and educators

Submission deadline : Friday 22 May 2020, 2359hr
Submit via email to: | Sofia Begum, Programmer, The Esplanade Co Ltd