I Feel You - A Socially Engaged Project

Organised by: Hunny & Lummy
  • Date:
    8 Mar 2020
  • Time:
    9:00am - 5:15pm (ten 45-min slots)
  • Venue:
    Gillman Barracks, Block 43, Singapore 109443
    Gillman Barracks, Block 43, Singapore 109443Gillman Barracks, Block 43, Singapore 109443


When a friend, family member or a loved one confides in you, what would you do?

It's only natural for us to share our thoughts and emotions. We give them our advice. We have a discussion with them. We get angry for them. We get angry at them. We react emotionally for the most part.

How much of our words and reactions are mixed with our own assumptions, based on half baked judgements of their circumstances? How much of our listening attempts is embedded in the desire to react?

Maybe, all that is necessary, is for us to just listen to their deepest loss and pain.

"I Feel You", a socially engaged happening project, involves pairs of strangers who would hold onto the hands of each other to connect and to share their deep seated stories of loss, pain and vulnerability. When the sharing is complete, the other party will only respond with one sentence: "I Feel You".

If you wish to experience the power of listening, or if you stand on the flip side, longing to be heard, fill in this form to be a part of this unique experience: Your participation will be confirmed through an email update from the organisers.

I Feel You - A Socially Engaged Project