Music, Dance, Festival, Open Call

Chingay 2020 Carnival

Organised by: People's Association
  • Date:
    31 Jan - 1 Feb 2020
  • Time:
    31 Jan: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
    1 Feb: 5:00pm -1:00am
  • Venue:
    F1 Pit Building
    F1 Pit BuildingF1 Pit Building
  • Admission:
    31 Jan 2020, Fri
    Parade 1
    Category 1: $50
    Category 2: $40
    Category 3:$28.50

    1 Feb 2020, Sat
    Parade 2
    Category 1: $60
    Category 2: $50
    Category 3: $28.50


Chingay 2020 presents "Colours in Harmony" - marking PA's 60 years of community building with a dynamic showcase of Singapore's community spirit and diversity.

Chingay is one of Asia's largest street and floats parade that epitomises the dynamism of Singapore's vibrant and multicultural society. To mark 60 years of community building by the People's Association in 2020, the theme for Chingay 2020 is "Colours in Harmony", expressed through the use of different colours to symbolise Singapore's cultural diversity and harmonious blend of different cultures in this 48th edition.

An estimated 6,000 volunteer performers from all walks of life and different organisations will be involved in co-presenting this People's Parade to showcase their passion and skills in a vivid display of their talents, over five parade segments.

As a national platform that brings people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate Singapore's unique multiculturalism, Chingay will be the first event to mark this milestone. As part of the commemoration, Chingay 2020 will feature a unique "Bridge of Harmony" float, decked out with "Harmony" tiles that are co-created by more than 20,000 residents island-wide, signifying the shared journey of PA with fellow Singaporeans in community building.

In conjunction with the Parade, the Chingay Carnival will return for its third year, promising to be yet another fun-filled experience for all to bask in the festive atmosphere. Expect to enjoy mouth-watering food, participate in various hands-on activities like silkscreen printing and making Chingay props; and be entertained by young performing talents. Chingay Parade ticket holders can also redeem a special complimentary gift* at the merchandise store (*while stocks last). Chingay carnival vouchers are available on FavePay with a 10% discount (limited to the first 1,000 purchases).

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Chingay 2020 Carnival