Talk/Workshop, Zabbalang

Must Raffles Fall? Rethinking History Decolonially

Organised by: Malay Heritage Centre
  • Date:
    7 Dec 2019
  • Time:
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  • Venue:
    Malay Heritage Centre Auditorium
    Malay Heritage Centre AuditoriumMalay Heritage Centre Auditorium
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In a letter to Colonel Addenbrooke, dated 10 June, 1819, Thomas Stamford Raffles wrote that on Singapura he had "just planted the British flag" which was to be a "more commanding and promising Station for the protection and improvement of all our interests in this quarter...". This year marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Raffles in Singapore. Is there room for a more critical appraisal of Raffles? As Singapore commemorates the 200th anniversary of British colonial "founding" in 2019, this is the time to think about who we are in history, whether there is a need to rethink it, and also to assess the broader meaning of colonialism.

Must Raffles Fall? Rethinking History Decolonially