The Next Wave 2019: Moments

Organised by: NUS Centre For the Arts
Performed by: NUS Dance Ensemble
  • Date:
    22 Sep 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    NUS University Cultural Centre Hall
    NUS University Cultural Centre HallNUS University Cultural Centre Hall
  • Admission:
    $24 (category 1), $20 (category 2)


Identities are crucial to our survival amidst the concrete jungle we live in. It separates us from the dreary black and white and the weary faces in the crowd, clothing us with strength as we drive forward to make splashes in this world, making it our own. This garment we don stems from the culmination of a lifetime of experience. Indeed, identities are often discovered through the passage of time, like jigsaw puzzles being pieced together to create a masterpiece. Moments, no matter how fleeting, shape us because they celebrate milestones and every small action made in pursuit of them.

With works from guest choreographers Sufri Juwahir (co-founder of Soul Signature, former principal dancer of Maya Dance Theatre and awardee of the Young Artist Award 2018) and Muhammad Sharul Bin Mohammed (Malay dance practitioner with Artiste Seni Budaya, an associate artist with P7:1SMA dance company and graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts), alumni choreographers Arias Lim Jie and Shahbirul Zaki Ahmad, as well as Resident Choreographer and Artistic Director Zaini Mohammad Tahir, The Next Wave 2019: Moments seamlessly infuses Southeast Asian aesthetics into our urban landscape, as the various affairs that have become significant moments in our history – whether political, cultural or personal – are explored and questioned. Why have they become important? Who decided so? What created its influence which inevitably led us to where we need to be – right here, right now.

The Next Wave 2019: Moments