Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Street Out: East Meets West

Organised by: ARTitude Galería
  • Date:
    6 - 30 Sep 2019
  • Time:
    11:00am - 8:00pm
  • Venue:
    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, East Garden Foyer Gallery
    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, East Garden Foyer GalleryThe Fullerton Hotel Singapore, East Garden Foyer Gallery
  • Admission:
    Art is for all.


In celebration of Singapore's scintillating urban art scene, ARTitude Galería is delighted to announce a group exhibition of highly accomplished, unique and show-stopping South East Asian & South American based street artists.

The show, Street Out: East Meets West, brings together the most dynamic urban art from two very different continents. The theme captures the loud, wild and rebellious style of street art with an intricate perspective on life in South East Asia along with the balance between its residents and the dynamic city we inhabit.

The exhibition is two-fold; the first element explores how some of the most outstanding Colombian artists explore dynamic Asian imagery and culture, mixing a vibrant colour palette and unique techniques with a one-of-a kind East meets West aesthetic. The second element celebrates some of the most renowned South East Asian artists, who are not only pushing the boundaries but are thriving and creating a deeper, more thought provoking and most importantly a less censored body of work. Both sets of artists encompass a running theme; they extract Asian urban elements brought to life with a clever mix of vibrancy, courage, and passion. They explore techniques that not only captivate and inspire, but each painting appears to jump out of the canvas and dazzle the viewer.

Please join us in celebrating the gritty, sharp and vibrant strokes of street art effortlessly crossing the far-off boundaries of South America to the bustling urban metropolis of the Lion City, Singapore.

Street Out: East Meets West